11 February 2011

Operation Add Colour

I made 2 steps toward de-beige-ing the living area this week. I replaced our beige shears in the dining room with some very colourful curtains. I bought the fabric from our thrift store for $1 (guess they thought that colourful pattern would not be popular) and couldn't believe when I got it home and it was just enough to make curtains with.

I just made them as simply as possible: a rectangle with hemmed edges and those sharp pokey curtain rings inserted into the hem.

The hardest part was just deciding on fabric. Even once I had this fabric that I loved I had to decide if it was the one to be curtains. It's not like making a skirt because you can have lots of skirts but only one pair of dining room curtains. And when you sew and you can choose any material out there the possibilities are just overwhelming. But I finally managed to decide that this material was the one and got the curtains done.

Next was to cover up the brown cardboard lampshade with something a bit nicer. When I said colour I wasn't actually thinking fluorescent colour but I just love something about this fabric. And I figured it's so easy to change a lampshade I might as well go crazy. This was another thrift store find from my stash.

I just used spray adhesive all over the drum and gluegun to stick the edges on the inside.

Next step is the big one: recovering the dining room chairs. Try as I might I have given up on finding 3 1/2 yards of the perfect fabric in home decor weight at a thrift store so I'm going to have to spend a bit of money. I think I have decided on the fabric, just have to go for it now.

And here are some pictures of the cutie, in a pretty colourful sweatshirt too: