25 February 2011

3 Foot Giraffe

One of Henry's presents gets a special post because I am that proud of it. (So proud that yes I just had to include all 9 pictures of it in this post.) I made this awesome 3 foot tall stuffed giraffe. It is really a present for me because it is clearly decorative and will go in our living room which is of course now a living room/playroom.

I love how it turned out! The pattern is from Soft Toys A to Z but I made it twice as big as in the book for added awesomeness. I used this fabric that I had lying around and that I had previously used for stuffed-giraffe making as well as other things. I had just enough fabric left, had to employ some patchwork for the big pieces.

It's a really cool pattern. The creator seems to have gotten the slight bends in the leg and the look of the face and ears just right. It was simple to make other than the stuffing. The skinny legs have bamboo stakes in them and stuffing them was very very difficult. Getting the stuffing in there was hard enough but then came the endless task of maneuvering the stuffing till I got the whole thing just right. I could have kept fiddling forever, had to stop myself when the seams started showing wear.


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  1. Wow! Very impressive! You should start selling some of your creations.

    And happy birthday to Henry!!