02 February 2011

Quick Fix

Just a quick sewing project today. It was so easy that the worst part was probably changing out of my pyjamas to try it on. (It's a very snowy day today, would definitely have been a PJ day if not for this.) Took a break from the summer outfit I've been making myself to fix up this sweater. I took note when I saw these instructions at Adventures in Dressmaking a while ago thinking they would come in handy. To be honest, I didn't do any ironing and only used one pin but the instructions were still helpful. And I took off several inches so I had to cut off the excess. I used pinking shears and did a zig zag stitch next to the seam so we will have to see how that holds up.

I changed the sweater from this loose and sloppy one. (Let's not go on about how horrible it looks on me as I have worn it a number of times over the years I've owned it.)

Changed it to a still casual but not so sloppy sweater.

Seeing these pictures, the change is definitely subtle. But I am sure I will wear it more now. Isn't it sweet how Henry follows me around and ends up in my pictures.

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