10 February 2011

Out in the Cold

We're having another cold week here. It's been too cold to get out every day but I still like to go on a walk every once in a while. I've been keeping Henry warm with lots of layers and more importantly, a couple of hot water bottles. I have two mini hot water bottles and before a walk I fill them up and put one behind his back and one at his legs. Combined with the layers and that plastic cover Henry stays very toasty. The hot water bottles are always still warm when we get home even when we are out for more than an hour.

And today I made two little cozies for my bottles out of two sweater sleeves that just happened to have a little embroidery in the perfect place. Just chopped them off at the right spot, sewed up the bottom, and threaded some yarn through at the top to make a little draw string. Simple and pretty.

And on this day I let him play in the snow a bit. Not that he did anything, he doesn't have much mobility when he's all bundled up like that anyway.

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