01 February 2011

Bee Cushion

Oh no I made another cushion. I just had this idea that it would be cool to make a bee with patchwork stripes and a cushion is the obvious outlet for my vision. I'm sad to say it didn't turn out quite as awesome as it looked in my head, oh well it was fun to do. And there's not really room for it in my living room anyway... especially as I think I really want to try knitting a cushion cover, have another vision in my head plus some yarn to use up.

It's cold again this week so I am staying in the house and sewing. After just finishing that bee cushion I am also almost finished the summer blouse from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing.

Henry and I did manage to use the car to get out today and spent a bit of time at the Early Years Centre. It's a great place where you can just drop in and play with their toys and get some exposure to other kids. Henry loves unfamiliar toys so he loved that and he loves pulling them off the shelves and out of their boxes. He also seems to get a kick out of being allowed to crawl around in public, something he doesn't usually get to do. And of course he likes to look at the other kids even though he's mostly into playing on his own.

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  1. Your bee pillow and your son are adorable!

  2. I really like how you shaped the wings.

    P.S. Such a cute header!