03 February 2011


Since I gave birth to the most beautiful baby ever just over 11 months ago, I have been spending a lot of time and energy on photography. So I figure I ought to try to get a bit better at it. That's also one of the good things about having a blog, it has pushed me to try to improve my photography. Having a blog makes me take more photos, especially more still-lifes and other more unusual type shots. Also it makes me compare my own photos to more than just other people's snap shots that they put on facebook but to the beautiful photos on other people's blogs. That's the number one way to a lovely blog: lovely photos. So I've been trying to make a bit of an effort to become a better photographer.

I don't want to sound like I'm giving tips here, just wanted to post about what I've been working on in the photography department, the same way I like to post about my other projects. But so far taking better photos for me has mostly meant trying really really hard not to have to use the flash. So for me that's mostly meant that now I don't only pick up the camera when Henry's being cute but also when the lighting's nice or when he's being particularly still. Luckily I get quite a bit of light in my house.

I'm also trying to think about interesting angles and all that but I think that might be one of those things that just comes more naturally to certain people.

And every once in a while I think maybe I should buy a digital SLR but my research always leads to the same conclusion. Since I have no desire to spend time learning the manual settings or to take really artsy photos in general (just interesting and beautiful, not artsy), the benefits don't outweigh the extra cost, weight, bulk. I've used the 'night scenery mode' a few times recently and that's enough fiddling with buttons for me. And I'm still happy with my 3.5 year old Panasonic Lumix DMC LZ7.

Taking photos of a baby changes all the time too. I used to set him in a position and then just get him to smile; those days are gone. He moves constantly and I just try to get his face in the shot. And he pulls so many interesting faces these days, capturing a smile doesn't alwasy make the best picture.

Overall, I like to think I am getting a bit better with my photography skills. I hope I can continue to improve.

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